(23.02.2021) Advanced Engineering Materials

Our review article about the thermophysical property measurements in microgravity is on the Cover of Advanced Engineering Materials

(20.04.2020) Advanced Engineering Materials

Our article about the measurement of thermophysical properties of Ni-based Superalloys for industrial process simulations is on the Cover of Advanced Engineering Materials

(25.11.2019) nature microgravity – Research Highlights: Physical Sciences

Two of our articles are featured in the Collection “Research Highlights: Physical Sciences” of nature microgravity.

The articles can also be found here:

(22.08.2019) Presentation of results obtained during Mission Horizon

A favourite of mine is the Electromagnetic Levitator (EML) laboratory which uses a solenoidal coil in a furnace to suspend small metal alloy samples and induce vibrations to measure properties such as surface tension and viscosity and specific heat capacity. The presenter is Dr Markus Mohr whose EML Experiment is called ThermoProp/Thermolab. The results of Markus’ experiment are exciting: a metal sphere 6.5 mm in diameter – an alloy comprised of Zirconium, Copper, Nickle, Titanium and Aluminium – is the first metallic glass produced in space.

(18.07.2018) Science Debriefing – Horizons Mission

(01.12.2014) Video about the Institute of Micro- and Nanomaterials